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Residential Power Washing

Residential Power Washing

Does your garden look grungy? Is your yard looking rundown? Have you been thinking that you need to replace outdoor fixtures like sidewalks, decks, or retaining walls? They may not need a replacement; they might just be dirty. We know how silly that sounds because we all assume we would recognize dirt when we see it, but the accumulation of dirt, molds, and mildews on outdoor surfaces generally happens gradually over an extended period of time. Because the process is gradual, you might not realize just how dirty these surfaces are, just that they are not looking like they once did.
Before you haul out the credit card and pay to replace them, consider having Absolute Solutions provide a residential power washing service. Depending on the condition, we can make many outdoor surfaces look new again, and even those surfaces that have a little more wear and tear on them will look much better once they are clean.

A bonus many customers do not consider is that a cleaner exterior means a cleaner interior. When sidewalks, decks, and other exterior surfaces are dirty, we track that dirt inside. That makes it harder to keep the home’s interior clean. In early spring, it also means we are tracking in salts and other corrosive materials that are used to melt ice and snow into our homes, which could lead to damages to a home’s interior surfaces. Power washing the exterior can help you maintain the interior!

Customers often ask us what type of surfaces we can power wash. Generally, if it is an exterior solid surface, we can power wash it. We frequently tackle decks, sidewalks, driveways, and retaining walls in addition to the actual exterior surfaces of homes. However, we can also clean things like benches, patio furniture, pool decks, deck boxes, planters, and other surfaces. Our professionals are well-trained and can help you determine whether or not it is safe to power wash a surface during the consultation process so that you can feel confident you are getting the clean results you want, while still protecting the integrity of your surfaces.

Let Absolute Solutions make your home’s yard and gardens inviting again. We can do it all. Window Power Washing, Gutter Power Washing, Exterior Home Power Washing, Brick Power Washing, and more! Have a condo? Not a problem we cover Condo Power Washing too! Contact us today to find out how affordable it can be to give your home a mini-makeover.

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