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Condo Power Washing

Condo Power Washing

As a property manager for a condominium complex, you are constantly juggling the unique needs of multiple residents. In order to keep occupancy rates as high as possible, high quality curb appeal is an essential amenity. At Absolute Powerwash we deliver that and more with our efficient and effective pressure washing services for condo communities. But as a property manager how can you know that you are selecting the right pressure washing contractor? Taking these key characteristics into account can help:

1. Online Ratings

It is vitally important that any company you hire has an established online presence and reputation for their services, and one effective way of doing so is searching on Google, Facebook, or other directories and reading customer reviews about potential candidates. If most reviews are positive it could be an indicator that this company provides quality work worth hiring for your project.

2. Years in Business

Experience is of immense value in any service industry, and especially so with pressure washing. Although a newer pressure washing company may possess all of the equipment to complete the job, do they have the skills and technique that only time can teach, to do a fantastic job on your property? If not they may also be more susceptible to making mistakes and mishaps that could cost you money. That is why it is vital that you choose one with plenty of history of satisfied clients as it increases chances of a good experience overall.

3. Breadth of Services Offered

It’s essential that a company offer multiple services, since different surfaces require various solutions for cleaning. A wood deck may need special treatment, while driveway washing requires something completely different; an experienced contractor should have the appropriate equipment and know-how for expediting the cleaning of your property quickly and effectively to minimize impact on your residents.

4. Insurance

It is essential that any company you hire be fully insured. This will ensure that should an accident occur, any liability for damages caused by them to your property will fall on them alone rather than on you personally.

5. Guarantee of Satisfaction

It’s also essential that a pressure washer offers a satisfaction guarantee, as this shows they’re confident in their abilities and won’t leave until everything has been thoroughly cleaned. Furthermore, having this assurance provides peace of mind knowing if anything goes amis they will return at no additional charge and fix whatever has gone wrong.

Absolute Power Wash is one of those rare providers that can give you all of these. We understand the particular needs of those managing condominium complexes and your competing duties and obligations. We have a history of working with commercial property owners and can provide full-service power washing for your condo complex. From cleaning the bricks or siding in the complex to window washing and cleaning walkways, we can keep all of your exterior surfaces looking like new. This will keep your property values high and your tenants happy. While we think the look of a freshly power-washed surface is the best part of what we offer, we know that for many of our clients our affordable pricing is actually the best part. Our rates are competitive for our area, but you will find that while our prices are low, our commitment to excellence is high. Our power washing services outshine the competition.

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