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Commercial Construction Power Washing

Commercial Construction Power Washing

For many of our commercial projects, power washing is one of the last steps in a maintenance schedule. Power washing is a great way to wipe away the accumulated dirt, grimes, and chemicals of a year and start fresh for the season. Extremely popular in spring to chase away the last gross sludge remaining from winter snows and snow removal efforts, power washing is also used throughout the year to keep exterior surfaces looking fresh, clean, inviting, and new.

However, construction power washing can be a little different. We are often part of the construction process, coming between steps to keep your work site looking new, keep equipment maintained, or help you quickly and efficiently deal with spills or stains that could ruin surfaces if left untreated. That is why our construction power washing services are client-responsive and adaptable to your schedules so that we can get in, get the work done, and get out so that you can resume your construction job.

What type of power washing is needed on a construction site? It really depends on the construction site and on what has been happening there. One of the things we are often asked to do is handle cleaning heavy construction equipment. Construction equipment is subjected to an inordinate amount of dust and debris and is often exposed to cement, tars, asphalts, and other substances that can cause dirt and debris to stick to the equipment. The result can be equipment that is not running efficiently or simply not running at all because of accumulated dirt and grime. Regularly power washing equipment can help it perform efficiently.

Another common risk on construction sites is the contamination of surfaces. Whether you have spilled grease or oil, tracked tar or asphalt to other places, or gotten concrete slurry where it should not have been, construction sites can get very messy. Absolute Power Wash can provide cleaning services during a project to help you avoid stains or spreading a mess across a whole site. While some substances are notoriously difficult to completely clean, as oil or grease, tackling the problem immediately and in the right way can make a huge difference in how it will look once it is finished.

Of course, many construction projects use power washing as one of the final steps in the make-ready process. Construction sites are dusty and grimy, which can leave an unpleasant film over the entire project. Using power washing to clean the exterior surfaces results in a clean-looking final product. Whether you need to arrange emergency services or schedule cleanings as part of your project, Absolute Power Wash is here to help.

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