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Is the inside of your home looking worn, dingy, or out-of-date?  A couple of coats of paint can dramatically improve your home’s appearance.  However, taking all the steps you need for a quality paint job can take a lot of time and effort.  Skipping those steps can mean drips, messy lines, and even splatters on other surfaces.  Get the good looks without the headaches by hiring Absolute Power Wash to handle your interior painting needs. 

Paint Makes Your Home Look Cleaner

No matter how much your scrub your walls, over time an older paint job shows its age.  It begins to look dingy, it may have cracks, lines, or worn spots.  It can even hold onto stains or other dirt and smudges.  A fresh paint job immediately makes your home look clean and fresh. 

Make It Easier to Sell

Buyers like new paint jobs.  Whether you are covering an existing bright color scheme with a more neutral palette, updating to reflect modern trends, or simply sprucing up existing paint, you may sell your home more quickly and for more money if you get it painted. 

Improve Your Home’s Smell

Does your house seem to be holding on to old odors like smoke or pet smells?  Using a low VOC paint can help remove those smells, while providing a fresh look.  

Protect Your Surfaces

Have your baseboards and other trim started to show some wear and tear?  Protect them with a paint job.  A durable paint can help protect them from the everyday bumps and nudges that they get, as well as providing a barrier to humidity and water damage in humid or damp rooms. 

A Bargain Makeover

Even a professional paint job costs a fraction of most home improvement projects.  However, new paint can dramatically change the look of a room.  That is why paint jobs are one of the best ways to make the most of any remodeling budget. 

Change the Feel of a Home

Does your home just not feel quite right?  Colors have a pretty significant impact on mood. Colors can energize you, help you relax, or make you feel unnerved.  Want an energetic color for your kitchen?  Consider a sunny yellow.  Looking for a bedroom that helps you sleep?  Consider a shade of blue. 

Want to paint, but the idea of a DIY project has you dragging your feet?  No worries. Absolute Power Wash is happy to handle your to-do list for you.  We offer professional level work, friendly customer car, and affordable pricing. 

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