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Exterior painting is about more than making your house look good.  It is about protecting your investment in your home.  That is why you want to pick a reliable exterior painting service that uses high-quality paints and does the job right, when it is time to refresh your home. Absolute Power Wash is known for our commitment to customer service, and we bring that same level of detail to our exterior painting jobs. We can create the exterior of your dreams with a budget you can afford. 

Why should you paint your house? 

  • Improve curb appeal
  • Increase your home’s value
  • Protect your house
  • Repair Damage 

Increase Curb Appeal

Most people want to paint their homes because it makes your home look better.  A freshly painted home looks clean and well-tended.  The right paint job can turn a boring home into a stunner.  You can choose a bold color to help your home stand out, a neutral color to provide a classic look, or eye-catching accent colors to give you a combination of the two. Color choices can also dramatically change the feel of your home, making it reflect your personal style. 

Increase the Value

Part of a home’s value is based on its appearance.  Another part of a value calculation depends on when improvements were done.  Painting your home will increase its value, both by making it easier to sell and adding to the estimated resale value. 

Protect Your Home

Rain, snow, wind, and sun can take its toll on your home.  Whether your home is wood or another type of siding, using a quality exterior paint gives it an extra level of protection.  This is especially important for surfaces that are vulnerable to water damage.  

Repair damage 

As part of an exterior paint job, your home’s exterior gets a closer inspection.  During the pre-paint prep work, we can remove damaging things like molds, mildews, and bird droppings from your home’s exterior.  We can also replace rotting wood, patch holes, and get the house ready for its facelift.  Finding small problems early one helps prevent them from becoming big problems down the road. 

Absolute Power Wash is already the go-to for people in New Jersey who want to spruce up their home’s exterior.  We take the same commitment to quality and attention to detail and apply it to our painting jobs. 

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